SAREI Rinnenfrei

SAREI Rinnenfrei englisch
  • „SAREI Rinnenfrei“ is a gutter heating, which is completely pre-installed and self-regulating, including pre-assembled accessline, which is ready to plug in.
  • Output: 30 W/m at 10 °C
    for a fast ice melt 49 W/m in ice water
  • The heating tape consists of a high-quality polyolefin outer jacket, which is UV-resistant. 
  • The 5 m access line, which is ready to plug in, is made of the high-quality industrial mains cable H07RN-F, heavy-duty version, which is UV-resistant.
  • The bimetallic thermostat has an additional protective cover. So, it is protected against temperature changes, caused by bumps or impacts. Besides, the protective cover has a polyolefin outer jacket.

  • The thermostat is located within the access line, with 1 m distance to the heating cable.
  • Suitable for all metal und PVC gutters.
  • „SAREI Rinnenfrei“ gutter heatings are produced in Germany, completely.
  • „SAREI Rinnenfrei“ is suitable for industrial usage, too.
  • The heating cable turns on at temperatures below +3 °C, automatically.
  • The heating cable turns off at temperatures above +13 °C, automatically.
  • The output of the heating is self-regulating and changes in addiction to the ambient temperature.
  • Default lengths: 5 m, 10 m, 20 m, 25 m 30 m, 35 m
  • For special lengths go to customisation.
  • The transition from safety plug to access line is watertight sealed.