Where can I get SAREI-Rinnenfrei?

You can get the SAREI gutter heating at your local home improvement store & building trade.

Are there any fastening clips for the heating cable?

No. Just put the gutter heating into the gutter. After some hours of operation, it will loose it's wavy form caused by the packaging and fit to the bottom. If needed, you can fix the heating cable with aluminium tape.

Must the heating cables contact with each other?

Yes. It can't overheat, because it is self regulating.

Can I place the gutter heating on bitumen / tar paper / asphalt?

No. In this case, you need a special heating tape with an outer jacket made of flouropolymer. Please contact us for further information.

Can I keep the gutter heating in the gutter after winter is gone? Tag: „UV-resistance“

Yes. The heating cable and the access line are made of high qualitiy material, which is UV-resistant and weather proof. Additionally, the heating cable don't has to be maintenanced, though you should check it every year.


Can I put the thermostat into the gutter?

It is recommended to install the thermostat at a sheltered place where it is protected from direct sunlight. Also, it should not lie in water, permanently.

Can I change the length of the heating cable?

No. You must not shorten the heating cable or change it in any ohter way.
For customised lenghts, send us your enquiry.

Can I connect several gutter heatings with each other?

No. Please send us an enquiry with your required lenght.

Are there tee connectors for the transition gutter – downpipe – gutter?

Please contact us.

Can the gutter heating be time-controlled?

Because of the integrated self regulating thermostat, the gutter heating switches on at + 3°C and off at + 13°C.
Though, a timer is possible.

Can the gutter heating keep a roof valley free of ice?

Yes. With the gutter heating you can avoid the accumulation of ponding water.

Do I have to heat the down pipe, too?

In areas susceptible to frost, we recommend to heat the down pipe and the soil up to a depht of 1 metre.

What kind of access do I need?

An usual socket, which is protected by a 16A B fuse (or 13A), is completely sufficient.

Can the SAREI rainwater pipe flap damage the heating cable?

Yes, this is possible.

Can I  lay the gutter heating underneath the leaves trap?

Yes, you can. Though, it is recommended to check and clean it annually.

What does self regulating mean?

A self regulating heating cable changes its output depending on the ambient temperature. This means: if the ambient temperature falls, the output will rise – if the ambient temperature rises, the output falls.

Can I use the gutter heating for plastic / PVC gutters, also?

Yes, you can.

What is the durability of a gutter heating?

Without any damages and with correct installing, it has a durability of more than 10 years.
During this time, the output will reduce by 5-10%. This is compensated by the fact that the gutter heating has a higher output (5-10% more) at the time of its delivery.

Can I adjust the gutter heating at the outside of the downpipe and lay it upside down?

Yes, you can install the heating cable at the inside or the outside of the downpipe.
You can lay the cable upside down, as well as, downside up.

Can I put the gutter heating on a wooden blank or do I have to mantle it, for example with aluminium foil?

Yes, you can lay the heating cable on wood.
If the heat energy shall be spread on an isolator like plastics or wood, you need material which is heat conductive. The most used is self adhesive aluminium foil.
Though, it is not absolutely neccessary. Heating cable and wood will not get damaged without aluminium foil.

Do I have to fasten the heating cable (for example wihtin the down pipe)?

Just put the gutter heating in the gutter. After some working hours, it will loose its wavy form caused by the packaging. If needed, you can fasten the heating cable with aluminium tape.

How long is the access line?

The access line is 5 m.

Can I put the heating on an icy gutter?

It is recommended to lay the gutter heating into an unobstructed and cleaned gutter.
If the gutter is only lightly iced, you can use it directly.

When does the gutter heating turn on/off?

Because of the integrated self regulating thermostat, the gutter heating turns on at + 3°C and off at + 13°C.

How warm does the gutter heating get?

Depending on the installation situation, the heating cable can reach a maximum temperature of 50 °C.

Do I have to strain-relieve the gutter heating within down pipes?

With a usual building height of 2-3 floors, you don't have to strain-relieve the gutter heating.
Usually it is kept in the gutter by its own weight.
If needed, you can fasten and weight down the heating cable at the same time, by using tin stripes.